Get the funding that you need now, using future revenue.

At RDM Capital Funding we understand that sometimes your business needs capital, and you need it quickly. This is something that can be difficult when dealing with traditional lenders, especially if you have bad credit.

A merchant cash advance means that you can turn future credit and debit card sales into the money that you need right now. We don’t require complicated business plans or proposals, so that money can be used for any business expense that you might have. Whether that’s paying your overhead, some essential maintenance, marketing material – or even just sprucing up your store-front.

Merchant Cash Advance from RDM Capital Funding

Unlike traditional financing our merchant cash advances are based on your future sales – which means that repayment is flexible and designed to suit you. Because our financing is short-term your business can return to keeping 100% of your income quicker, letting your business grow faster.

Applying for a merchant cash advance with RDM Capital Funding is fast and easy – even if you suffer from bad credit. So if you need cash to help grow your business apply today.

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