Don’t wait to get paid, choose accounts receivable financing.

Sometimes a single month can make a huge difference to the prosperity of a small business, and waiting 30 days or longer for a client or customer to pay an invoice can be crippling. But, what can you do if your business needs that money now?

At RDM Capital Funding we offer accounts receivable financing to help small businesses succeed in the short term – even if they suffer from a history of bad credit. Your business can sell your outstanding invoices at a slightly discounted price to us, and we will then collect the full price of the invoice from your customers and clients. This way your business gets the money it needs when it needs it, without having to harass customers and clients for payments.

Accounts receivable

As well as getting your capital when you need it, accounts receivable financing isn’t a loan – so you’ll never pay any interest or build up any debt. And because it isn’t a loan, accounts receivable financing from RDM Capital Funding is available to everyone, even businesses with a bad credit history.

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